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Going Green

Little Bits is making a difference

At The Baby Guide we feel it is so important to teach our children now about what they can do to help save the is the only earth we have and is in need of teaching your children to respect it is very important.

Monica Rodgers the owner of Little Bits, has a wonderful message to pass along to your family..."Without action there is nothing. It may sound trite, but every good deed really makes a difference to our planet. Whether we recycle,donate out time or purchase products that give back, we are actually helping our world get healthy." Please check out Monica's website and blog for amazing "green" products and "DEEDS" for you to do with your children....


Our GREEN suggestions of the month:

It is leaf bagging time:
-Make sure you use brown bags when bagging your leaves....

-Find your nearest recycling center and take your kids for a tour....the kids will be amazed and will love throwing the paper and plastic and the big bins.....find out what other products you can bring to the recycling computer,paint etc.....

-Make recycling fun for the kids by having them be responsible for seperating the will be amazed at how much fun they think this is and also it will teach them responsibility....make a game of throwing the recycling products into the correct bins!

More to come in November!!!!